Brand Identity & Signage

The Kamman Building

Once a meat market, a post office and a doctor’s office, today The Kamman Building at 755 Seneca Street is home to architects, designers, programmers and engineers. Designed by prominent Buffalo architect F.W. Caulkins in 1883, the 4-story brick and Medina sandstone building is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, serving as a prime example of the Romanesque Revival style. Bordering Larkin Square in the heart of Buffalo’s reimagined Hydraulics district, The Kamman has undergone a complete restoration, transformed by CJS Architects into a vibrant, mixed-use space for both offices and residences. Inspired by the creativity that fuels Buffalo’s renaissance, The Kamman Building stands as an unassuming, yet significant landmark to progress in our community.

In 2014 White Bicycle engaged with CJS Architects to brand 'The Kamman' and develop a comprehensive signage system throughout the building. Now visitors are guided to the building by a large exterior painted sign, and through the building with a series of wayfinding markers.

The Kamman 1
The Kamman 2
The Kamman 3
The Kamman 4
The Kamman 5
The Kamman 6