NYS Center of Excellence Bioinformatics & Life Sciences Rebrand

University at Buffalo

Early in 2014, White Bicycle, along with our strategic partner Gluckworks, Inc., was engaged by the University at Buffalo to tackle a very unique branding challenge—to rebrand the New York State Center of Excellence Bioinformatics & Life Sciences (CBLS). This organization exists to foster economic development by facilitating innovations that drive the growth of life sciences and related high-tech industries. However, it’s reach is expanded through direct connections with other university entities, such as the Center for Computational Research, Office of Economic Development, and Center of Excellence in Material Informatics. Although each entity has unique areas of focus and specialty, together they create impacts measured through the generation of private sector jobs, increased company revenues, funding and capital investments, and intellectual property activity—together they have the capacity to transform lives. Inspired by the power of this unique alliance, instead of creating a single identity for CBLS, White Bicycle designed an integrated identity system that captures the essence of each individual organizations, while spotlighting the connections that define the brand. Our team has since implemented this re-imagined brand across a broad range of communications platforms, including stationery, web, brochures, etc.