Box Redesign

Picasso's Pizza

The White Bicycle crew has been an honorary member of the Picasso’s Pizza family since 2018, when we worked with the team to refresh their visual brand—logo, color palette, patterns, icon system—and develop some fresh approaches to spreading the word. 

Our next task was to take their six boxes, all of which had a different design, and create a complete system. If one customer walked out with a large pie, and another with a sub, and another with a couple of slices, we wanted the box they carried to make it clear—this person is coming from Picasso’s and carrying some precious cargo.

Our intention was to design boxes that felt fresh and new, but at the same time, reflected Picasso’s four-generation history. Marc DiGiore, owner of the West Seneca location, shared a bit of inspiration to make the large box the centerpiece of the set. Inspired by some of the mural art that has sprung up around Buffalo, he envisioned a design that wrapped the large pie in a work of art. 

The full set of boxes leverages Picasso’s visual brand elements, and on the sides of each box, some simple turns of phrase that celebrate the little things that make Picasso’s Picasso’s, like the smell holes that let the aroma fill your car on the way home. Rather than work around those things, we celebrated them with lines like “get a whiff.” 

The set came together beautifully—each different, but also the same—with some upfront work by designer friend Rob Hopkins.

Boxes 1
Boxes 2
Boxes 3
Boxes 4
Boxes 5
Boxes 6
Boxes 7
Boxes 8