Geneseo Record Packaging

Temperamental Recordings

There is a lake not too far from Geneseo, New York. A steam ship used to cross it. When the ship was tired, instead of being dismantled, it was lit on fire. But it sank before it was gone. On a clear day, you can still see it, resting on the lakebed. Geneseo’s album package is a giant scratch-off. The song lyrics are covered, but not gone. You’ll have to do a fair amount of scratching off to get to them. But like the ship that sank too soon, some of the lyrics have been left uncovered. When you read those words and phrases together, they become a poem. Geneseo wrote some music for them and they became this song. Automatic Music Can Be Fun.

Geneseo Packaging 1
Geneseo Packaging 2
Geneseo Packaging 3
Geneseo Packaging 4
Geneseo Packaging 5
Geneseo Packaging 6
Geneseo Packaging 7

Photographs by IMG_INK

Geneseo Packaging 8

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