Front Yard Event Identity & Campaign

Burchfield Penney Art Center

In 2013 the Burchfield Penney Art Center turned on The Front Yard, the worlds first environmentally-responsive outdoor audio and image experience. Through a trio of towers, high powered-projectors illuminate the sweeping zinc facade of The Center.

White Bicycle worked with the team of curators at the Burchfield Penney to name, brand, and develop a multimedia campaign to promote this 24/7/365 experience. We engaged with the community through digital billboards that lit up the night sky, a custom invitation, posters, street banners, social media, and print advertising—and on October 18, 2013 at sunset, thousands of people ascended on the Elmwood Avenue event that celebrated the opening of this inspired installation. 

With the help of Ingenious Inc. White Bicycle designed and built an immersive online experience within the Burchfield Penney website, along with a real-time portal that tracks what was just played and what is currently on view in The Front Yard.

Front Yard 1
Front Yard 2
Front Yard 3
Front Yard 4
Front Yard 5
Front Yard 6
Front Yard 7
Front Yard 8
Front Yard 9
Front Yard 10
Front Yard 11
Front Yard 12

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