Annual Recruitment Campaign

Buffalo Collegiate Charter School

On a mission to prepare future leaders for college, Buffalo Collegiate Charter School opened its doors to founding families with students in grades 4 and 5 in August of 2018. Since then, the aim of the administration has been clear and true: The school will grow by one grade each year, giving students the opportunity to grow right along with it. 

Retention of current students has been high, but every year presents a new opportunity to recruit young minds to fill the school’s fourth- and fifth-grade classrooms, as well as to draw students in higher grades who aren’t getting the attention they deserve at other schools. 

Employing a mix of outdoor, direct, and social media advertising, the White Bike team helped Buffalo Collegiate launch a targeted outreach campaign in select zip codes leading up to the live lottery in April. And as part of the effort, we worked with the Buffalo Collegiate leadership to identify opportunities to make impressions on students, parents, and teachers in high-visibility areas of the school, incorporating quotes from icons like Dr. Martin Luther King and education advocate Rita Pierson.